Business Services

Every business opperates differently and each business has its own set of procedures.  Innovative Office Solutions offers services custom tailored to each individual office.  Services that can help any business reduce costs, energy and wasted office space.


Below are some of the services Innovative Office Solutions offers.  We are happy to discuss custom projects of anything not listed on this site.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should have any questions.

What if...?


If there was an emergency and all of your physical files were suddenly destroyed? Would the business survive?


Fire proof cabinets are not always what is needed.  Stop worrying about the "What Ifs" by allowing I.O. Solutions to convert the physical files to an electronic format.


From there the information could be backed-up  to multiple locations and off site sources to give yourself peace of mind.

 I.O. Solutions - Protect Your Files From Natural Disasters
I.O. Solutions - Scan and Access Them in One Place
I.O. Solutions - Access Your Files From Anywhere with Cloud Storage
I.O. Solutions - Eliminate Storage Costs and Save Space

Paying Storage Fees?


Tired of paying to have a company store physical files only to charge when they are needed and then charge even more when they need to be sent back?


Take those boxes out of storage permanently and let I.O. Solutions convert them to a digital format and store them on a network.

Moving Soon?


How many boxes of files or file cabinets are being packed up and moved?


Why move them when they can just be converted and all of them stored in something the size of a wallet?


I.O. Solutions can convert those files and save you packing, loading and unloading time as well as the costs associated.

I.O. Solutions can help you save time and space.
Make work easier with portable digital storage. I.O. Solutions
I.O. Solutions - Find Your Files With a Few Clicks

Need Just One Page?


If a files is 10,000 pages but only one particular page is needed, how would it be found?


I.O. Solutions has the ability to process your documents through OCR software and make your documents searchable down to the word.  Regardless if you have originals or not.


Lost Work Space?


How much office space is being used by filing cabinets or storage containers of old files?


Why are you paying for work space that is not being utilized to its full potential?


I.O. Solutions can convert their contents to a digital format and store them on a network.

I.O. Solutions - Make searching easy with digital filing
I.O. Solutions can help you digitize all your files.

Wasted Time?


How much time is wasted searching for a lost file that is urgently needed for a client?


Instead of hunting for a file that could be anywhere, just type in a few keywords and have the file up on your computer within seconds.


I.O. Solutions can make this all possible.

I.O. Solutions - Dont waste any more time searching for lost files.
I.O. Solutions - Search keyboard green
I.O. Solutions - Save Money of Ink and Toner Costs
I.O. Solutions - Save Money and Go Green

High Toner Costs?


How much time and money is spent on keeping copy machines, printers and fax machines running.


How much of that cost is just for toner or ink?  How much time is spent in frustration trying to fix an error?


I.O. Solutions will show you how to reduce toner costs by 50% or more.  Get rid of those bulky office machines and all their consumables.