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Inside the home may not be a place thought of for paperless services/solutions, but the home has a vast amount of paper information that is very important and could potentially be devastating if lost.


I.O. Solutions can give family the peace of mind of knowing that their cherished pictures and documents are stored safely and electronically in a single place.  Storing them online will give people some, much needed, extra time in an emergency.

Preserve Photos and

Their Priceless Memories


If a disaster occured, would all the family photos be lost?


I.O. Solutions can convert those old pictures to electronic versions that are just as clear (if not more so) and easily copied/shared to e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


We can also arrange photos (selected by you) and design a hardbound, photo book.  


Perfect coffee table additions and great conversation pieces!

Lost Space?


How much space is being used by filing cabinets or storage containers of old paper documents?


All those old tax returns, financial documents, wills, etc. can be converted to an electronic format and those paper copies destroyed.


I.O. Solutions can get back all that wasted space so it can be used for better purposes.

Protect Your Movies!


At an average price of $20 per disc, your DVD and Blu-Ray collection is a big investment.


Why not protect them by digitally backing them all up to one location? A location safe safe from disasters (natural and accidental).


They can then all be taken anywhere and treated as a Movie Juke Box in your home.

Moving Soon?


How many boxes of files or file cabinets are being packed up and moved?


Why move them when they can just be converted and all of them stored in something the size of a wallet?


I.O. Solutions can convert those files and save you packing, loading and unloading time as well as the costs associated.

Recent Passing?


When a loved one passes away they may leave behind a lot of items.  There may be boxes of pictures, file cabinets of documents and old financial receipts kept in boxes.


I.O. Solutions can come and digitize as much as possible so those physical papers can be reduced to a small electronic file on your computer.  Share those old family photos, don't keep them boxed for all time.  

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